vineri, 1 aprilie 2011


It was so random that i heard of i cant belive i listen to it all the time now. Somebody told me about a cool cover a friend of him did on one of their song, and i listened it to. I was nice and calm, and even at those screming parts the band singer kept it well. I searched for more of their songs and the first one i found out was that well known song of them, as i laterly found out. I got stuck on an amazing song, till i met somebody. A great person, much bigger fan of them, and she opened my eyes, and i found out im not a fan, just a poser. I got all of their albums, and soon i felt in love with that band, playing their songs everytime i got a guitar around, i red everything about them. There wqs sometjing in thm, not only their music, but their attitude. The've become my icons.. I wish i could say more about this amazing band but i get no time now.. Rest in peace Kurt Cobain, you made my life better

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